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Field Methods for Testing Water Quality

A portable chemistry lab 

Field Methods for Testing Water Quality

Need an excuse to science outside? Our chemistry lab works on the go! Teachers and students will use a combination of test strips, meters, and a pocket spectrophotometer to measure a variety of water quality parameters.
Water testing supplies including test strips, pH meter, and a portable spectrophotometer.

Research Question:

  • Students are encouraged to create their own research questions for this lab
  • Suggested experiments are provided

Students will:

  • Learn about water quality parameters important in Nebraska
  • Use field methods  to quantify water quality

Lab skills learned:

  • How to measure hardness, chlorine, and pH using test strips
  • Using meters to determine pH, conductivity, and salinity
  • Measuring nitrates and phosphates using a spectrophotometer and pillow pack reagents

Field Methods for Testing Water Quality

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