pGLO Bacterial Transformation

Students perform a genetic transformation in your classroom.

Students transform E.Coli bacteria with a gene that codes for Green Fluorescent Pigment and see their bacteria glow under a blacklight. 

pGLO Bacterial Tranformation

The pGLO plasmid has been designed to express green fluorescent pigment (GFP).  The GFP gene was first isolated from jellyfish.  With advancements in biotechnology, we can now transform E.Coli to express the GFP gene and glow under a green light.  

Research Question: 

  • Can bacteria be genetically engineered to produce a jellyfish protein?
  • Can the expression of GFP be regulated?
  • What is the transformation efficiency of E.Coli HB101 when using transformation protocol?

Students will:

  • Make bacteria growth media
  • Streak agar plates for single colonies of bacteria
  • Transform E.Coli with the pGLO plasmid
  • Grow transformed bacteria
  • Control expression of GFP gene

Lab skills learned:

  • Streak bacteria to isolate single colonies
  • Transform bacteria
  • Calculation of transformation efficiency
  • Use of Micropipets

pGLO Instructional Materials- COMING SOON!

pGLO Lab Manual

Timeline of pGLO Activities

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pGLO Instructional Power Point

pGLO Video Resources

Click here for video resources.  These videos are property of Bio-Rad Inc.   Our lab protocol may differ from some of the video steps.