Apply for YNS Summer Programs January 1, 2018!

Young Nebraska Scientists Camps are using a new platform to facilitate our application process.  When you go to apply, you will be asked to create a log in.  Please keep the following information in mind as you create your log in!

          1.  Use parental information for the initial log-in.  The e-mail that you use to log-in, is the e-mail that will be used for correspondence from Lindsey Moore, Camp Director.  Student information will be collected through the application process. 

          2.  Grade standings:  We place students based on their grade level at the time they are filling out the application.   If it is the Spring semester of 2018, and your student is an 8th grader, they will attend our middle school camps.  There are no exceptions to the grade level assignments. 

          3.  After the initial application, camp selection notifications will be sent out around May 1, 2018.  These selections will include a link to return to this platform to fill out all the camp enrollment forms.  

2017 High School Researcher Applications will be facilitated through our Application Platform.  This platform will require you to create a log-in that will allow you to come back to your application if needed. 

Remember the following:

          1.  The log-in information should be made using the student's information and the student's e-mail address.  No parental information should be used to create the log-in. 

          2.  Applications are due on 3/20/2018.  Applications require a recommendation from a teacher.  No extensions will be given, so start your application and request the recommendation early!

Announcements & Key Dates

Jan | 01 Camp Applications Open.  Register NOW!  Spots fill quickly.  
Apr | 15 Camp applications and teacher recommendation due
May | 01 Camp selection notifications by email